16 Terrific Gifts for Men Who Like the Outdoors

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Finding the perfect gifts for men who love the great outdoors can seem like a daunting challenge, much like climbing a mountain. But discovering great gift ideas doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be fun! 

The bests gifts for guys who love exploring nature often enhance their enjoyment or at least make their travels much easier. Outdoorsy gifts come in all shapes and sizes and don’t necessarily always have to be survival gear. 

Sometimes the best outdoor gifts are those they can keep in their office to plan or commemorate their favorite adventures. The most important thing to remember when it comes to gift ideas is the person you’re buying the gift for. 

For example, some guys like to carefully plan every detail of their excursions, while others just want to grab their backpacks and go.

Everyone has their own personality and interests, which is why a great gift reflects what he is into. Below is a helpful gift guide introducing you to some fantastic gifts for outdoorsy guys. These gifts are categorized into technology, hiking, and mountain biking.


Outdoor Gifts for Men Who Love Technology

Being a tech nerd doesn’t always mean being a person who never goes outside and plays video games all day. Gifts for guys who love tech can include a wide variety of cool gadgets that make their trips into nature more fun and memorable. 

Outdoorsy gifts for the techno-sophisticated can include devices such as drones or gifts as simple as water purification systems. Here are a few amazing gift ideas for outdoorsmen who love tech.


Bose SoundLink Flex Bluetooth Portable Speaker


The Bose SoundLink Flex is a portable IP67 waterproof Bluetooth speaker that’s a terrific gift for guys who love listening to their favorite music, books, or shows while enjoying the great outdoors.

Its portable design fits perfectly in any backpack, but most importantly, it features Bose’s legendary top-class sound technology that produces crystal clear sound using its proprietary PositionIQtechnology that automatically detects the location of your speaker to guarantee the best sound quality. 

When it comes to gifts for music-loving outdoorsmen, it doesn’t get much better than this!


Membrane Solutions Straw Water Filter

One of the most practical technological gifts you can get for guys who love roughing it in nature but don’t like it “too rough” is this incredible straw water filter by Membrane Solutions.

These straws are compact and feature a five-stage filtration system that removes odor, chlorine, pollution, organic materials, and much more from natural water sources like streams and rivers. It’s made of high-quality materials and is guaranteed to last your adventure guy a lifetime.


ACOPOWER Outdoor Solar Freezer and Cooler

Perhaps the coolest gift you can give a guy who loves adventure but doesn’t love warm drinks is this portable solar cooler and fridge with a big 42-quart capacity that can cool down to -4°F. It also has a built-in compressor and car battery charger! 

Plus, he can monitor his fridge via an app on his phone. This is a must-have device for those guys who love camping, fishing, hiking, or hanging out at the park.


Bestargot Portable Fire Pit and Charcoal Grill

This super-handy portable folding charcoal grill is one of the best gifts for men who love to barbecue while on the trail. When it comes to a gift, he will love using it again and again. It doesn’t get much better than a portable grill he can take anywhere.

Made with high-quality stainless steel, this grill is easy to assemble and requires no tools. He’ll be cooking his favorite meals outdoors in no time, and cleanup is a snap!


MrMapMax Solar Oven Portable Oven

Keeping with the cooking theme, this portable solar oven featuring a built-in thermometer is another great gift for men who love cooking in nature. 

This device is one of the perfect gifts for guys who would love to prepare delicious oven-baked meals. It cooks a full meal in about 20 minutes with a maximum temperature of 550°F in full sunlight. 

And since the solar oven has minimal air movement, meals cook evenly, and meats stay moist and tender.


DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo Onyx 4K Drone

If you’re looking for the most fantastic high-tech outdoorsy gifts for guys, it doesn’t get any more awesome than this DJI Mavic Fly More Combo Drone. It features stunning 4K UHD video capture and travels up to 42.5 miles per hour!

This drone has a maximum flight time of 21 minutes, allowing him to capture some fantastic shots, and it has Flight autonomy 2.0 to ensure his flights stay nice and smooth. The drone is also compatible with Android and Apple devices.


Outdoor Gear for Hikers

Here’s a collection of amazing gear for men who love hiking. 

Pocket Blanket


Sometimes the best gifts are outdoor gear that’s more practical than flashy. And when it comes to potentially life-saving equipment, this great pocket blanket has to be near the top of the list. 

The blanket is made of durable polyester, measures 60 x 56 inches, and has a waterproof polyurethane coating that feels soft against his skin. 

This blanket is perfect for the trail, fishing, the beach, festivals, or picnics. And it’s tear and puncture resistant.


The Tentlab The Deuce of Spades Backcountry Potty Trowel

While bathroom breaks in the wild aren’t a fun topic to discuss, it’s something that happens when guys are in the woods. 

That’s why this Deuce of Spaces Backcountry Potty Trowel is one of the most practical gifts for guys who love hiking. 

It’s one of the most thoughtful gift ideas for hikers as the trowel’s lightweight and compact design attaches to or fits inside any backpack, allowing him to take care of business whenever and wherever nature calls.


Petzl – ACTIK CORE Headlamp

Visibility on the trail is absolutely essential for a hiker’s safety, as all kinds of dangers can hide in the shadows, such as pits, snakes, and other nasty surprises. This is why the ACTIK CORE headlamp by Petzl is one of the most useful gifts. 

This device is among the best gifts you can give a hiker so they can free up their hands for other tasks without worrying about light, thanks to its impressive 350 lumens and 160 hours of maximum burn time.


Kahtoola MICROspikes Footwear Traction


These MICROspikes for better footwear traction are another practical outdoorsy gift you can give a hiker. The spikes are ideal for outdoor conditions such as snow and ice, where a hiker has to navigate some pretty slippery terrain. 

The MICROspikes feature 12 heat-treated, corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel spikes per foot, with 8 at the forefoot and four at the heel, ensuring optimal traction that aggressively digs into the terrain like a champ!


Black Diamond Equipment – Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking Poles – Tundra

If your guy is a serious trekker, a side of high-quality trekking poles is one of the perfect gifts to help him navigate rugged rocky terrain.

These shafts are made with 100% carbon fiber and feature soft-touch ergonomic grips with an EVA foam grip extension. One of the best presents in our gift guide, these top-notch poles are adjustable and made for high performance.


The Perfect Gift for Mountain Bikers 

Here are some incredible products that the mountain bikers in your life will absolutely love!


Topeak Mountain DA Mini Pump Black, with Gauge


This mini bike pump by Topeak Mountain is one of those perfect gifts for men who love mountain biking. The pump is small and lightweight, which makes it the ideal size for bike saddle bags.

It features a maximum of 60 psi, a side mount bracket, and a dual action pumping head that allows it to double the volume with each stroke inflating any bike tire within moments. It also comes with a side mount bracket and an easy-to-see attachable gauge for accurate readings.


Swiftwick PURSUIT SEVEN UltraLight Cycling and Mountain Biking Socks, Merino Wool

Another practical gift for men who love mountain biking is these incredibly comfortable biking socks specially designed to accommodate cyclists and mountain bikers. 

Give him the gift of supreme comfort with socks made of natural merino wool that wicks away moisture from his feet, keeping them odorless, dry, and blister-free. They also have reinforced toe and heel sections to improve durability in those areas prone to abrasion while helping the socks last longer.


Crankbrothers M19 Multi-Tool + Case

This handy multitool from Crankbrothers is a great gift for mountain bikers. They can carry inside their backpack or bike saddle with plenty of room to spare. It features 19 common tools used for trial-side repairs, all protected by a hard aluminum case.

The multitool features four spoke wrenches, seven hex wrenches, a flathead, Philips, a T-25 driver, and a universal chain tool. When he needs to make quick repairs on the trail, this tool will have everything he’ll need.


Brisker Cold Weather Motocross & Mountain Bike Gloves

These cold weather Motorcross and mountain biking gloves by Brister are the ideal choice for a gift that will keep him warm and comfortable during his rides. They are designed to handle anything the great outdoors can throw their way with a secure fit, thanks to the adjustable TPR wrist closure that also features a loop and hook backing.

They are lightly insulated with a soft-shell top, providing maximum protection from cold temperatures. And these gloves feature an interior made with moisture-wicking microfiber for dry, warm, and comfortable insulation. Not to mention they are touch screen compatible!


Kanjo Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set 

If you’re looking for a gift he’ll really appreciate after a long day of mountain biking, then this premium acupressure mat and pillow set by Kanjo is just the ticket! It features a memory foam pillow and a carrying bag for easy storage.

The Mat and Pillow also feature Kanjo’s one-of-a-kind BPA-Free plastic stimulators designed to ensure maximum coverage of the neck and back, resulting in the activation of multiple acupressure trigger points at one time. This mat is ideal for those long days on the trail, as mountain bikers often experience aches and pains in their shoulders and back after riding. He’ll feel like a million bucks after just 5–15 minutes on the mat and pillow.


BroBasket’s BBQ Bash

Outdoorsy guys are always up for barbecue parties. If he loves throwing one now and then, BroBasket’s BBQ Bash is the perfect gift for the occasion. This awesome gift basket includes one Maker’s Mark Bourbon and snacks, including a pack of delicious beef jerky, mini pretzels, BBQ Lays chips, and gourmet popcorn. He also gets a long barbecue lighter, a reusable crate, essential barbecue utensils with a carrying case, cedar smoker planks, and BroBasket coasters.

Of course, a barbecue party wouldn’t be complete without some BBQ sauce. That’s why this gift basket includes one Earl’s Gone Wild California Barbecue Sauce and Earl’s Gone Wild Jalapeno Barbecue Sauce. Top off the gift with a customized greeting card for a personal touch!


Final Thoughts

Our gift list will give your guy everything he might need during an outdoor trip. Whether he wants to stay off the beaten path, explore places he hasn’t been before, or just cruise along with a group of friends and family, this list will surely make him very happy on his next adventure.

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